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Fascinating Associations between Enneagram and CliftonStrengths®

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In this 30-page report package, two data scientists and one coach explore how these tools are related, featuring Enneagram and Strengths data from people across the world in various professions. You won't believe what was found.


Pioneering research on the surprising associations between the Enneagram and CliftonStrengths® / StrengthsFinder® tools of personality.

30 Pages of Research

The report contains 30 pages of commentary, analysis, and data to explore the assocations between Enneagram and Strengths.

Analysis by Data Scientists

Data analysis is done by data specialists with advanced degrees in data science using expert methods like algorithms and association rules.

Fascinating Findings

Explore fascinating findings between Enneagram Types and Strengths, Centers of Intelligence, Theme Domains, and more.

Deep Dive Video

The package includes a video interview with our data analysts to understand the data science and methods behind the study.

Charts, Tables, Graphs

Visualize the data through colorful and streamlined charts, tables, and graphs to help understand the findings.

Certified Commentary

Read commentary from a coach who is certified in both the Enneagram and CliftonStrengths®.

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Interact with others who have purchased the Report Package. Ask questions, share insights, get curious together.

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Questions and Further Resources

The Enneagram is a personality profile system consisting of nine personality styles. It comes from ennea meaning "nine" and gram meaning "figure or point." Although its roots are said to go back to the fourth century AD, today it is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. The Enneagram is being used in the business, educational, psychological, self-development, and religious sectors.

At the heart, the Enneagram reveals the nine core motivational drives of human beings. It can also be used to understand emotions, conflict, communication, leadership, childhood wounds, behaviors, teamwork, workplace roles, faith, and more. The aim of working with the Enneagram is transformation into whole-person health, success, and service.

Taking a paid assessment based on motivation, not behavior, is a good way to get started, but should be complemented by further discovery through a coaching process.

In General, Strengths are "activities that produce positive outcomes." They are abilities and competencies that produce positive results. There are many personality systems and assessments that measure different kinds of strengths such as: CliftonStrengths® / StrengthsFinder®, RightPath, StandOut, DISC, MBTI, VIA Character Strengths, and more.

The idea is to identify your innate talents, aim them toward your outcomes, and turn them into strengths. Not every talent or trait you identify as true for you will be producing positive outcomes.

An assessment can help you find your talents, but the process of transformation includes turning them into strengths, which may involve a coaching process.

Enneagram and Strengths are helpful separately, but they're even more powerful together. That's because the Enneagram reveals drive, while Strengths reveal talent. With this combination, you have the WHY (drive) and the HOW (talent). The drive is WHY you do what you do, while the talent is HOW you do it.

When practitoners of either Strengths or Enneagram have found the other, they have said it was like finding the missing piece because you can know HOW you go about life, but until you know WHY you do, you're not seeing clearly. Or you can know WHY you do certain things, but not HOW you can do them more effectively or efficiently.

Bringing Enneagram and Strengths creates powerful self-awareness and means for whole-person health, service, and success.

We have many resources to help you learn more about this powerful combination, it's one of our favorite fascinations! 

On our Resources page, you'll find free downloads, videos, and guest podcasts for all things Enneagram and Strengths. You may especially be interested in our comparison guide.

On our Blog, you can find a category for Enneagram and one for Strengths

We have multiple online learning opportunities like our Enneagram course, various workshops, and Bootcamp.

We have a private Facebook group and an Instagram account dedicated to Enneagram and Strengths.

And if you're interested in taking an Enneagram or Strengths assessment, we can get you a code and/or meet with you to debrief the results.

You get the idea, we love Enneagram and Strengths and are here to help you.


In some ways, Strengths and the Enneagram are very similar, and, in some ways, they are very different. In the end, they both help us see. Download the comparison guide here.

We first announced initial findings at the International Enneagram Association conference in July 2020. While the video presentation is only available for attendees, the slides are available here.

We held a webinar to reveal some findings of the study. You can watch it here.



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