Insight Pages

Insight_pages-1These one-sheet reference pages provide helpful information on each theme such as: description, domain, power and edge, and useful tips. By clicking below, you'll download a folder with insight pages for all 34 themes. Use them to learn about yourself and others.

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Theme Descriptions

Theme_descriptions-2This handy sheet lists all 34 CliftonStrengths themes with short descriptions. It also provides the color of the "domain" or category to which each theme belongs. (Purple=executing tasks, Yellow=influencing people, Blue=relating to others, Red=strategic thinking)

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Strengths Icons

icons 2.0 screenshotWant an easy way to remember each strength? Or to publicize your strengths at work or home? Download the set of 34 theme icons, 4 category icons, and the reference guide in official colors. Use these free icons to promote, teach, inspire, and spread the joy of strengths. 

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Strengths in Overdrive

bully at work-1Strengths can be powerful, but they can also be overused. Instead of helping people, they can hurt. Instead of considering new ideas, they can ignore reality. Instead of getting work done, they can take on the world. Understanding your strengths in overdrive will help you be more effective.

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52 Ideas for Building a Strengths-Based Culture

52 ideas cover2Building a strengths-based culture won't happen overnight. Download 52 ideas for building a strengths-based culture, plus six areas to focus on. Get practical help so you can build your culture. You don't have to do it alone.

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Theme Videos

These short, 1-2 minute videos by Gallup quickly describe each talent theme. Each video features a person explaining how he or she uses the theme in daily life and work. Watching them is an easy way to gain about the uniqueness of each theme.