You've been approved as a coach on the Munyay Marketplace, which makes professional coaching affordable and accessible to everyone. Thank you for joining our coaching community, where we help people to love their life and work. 

Our goal is for you to set up an informative and compelling coach listing. To do that, please follow our instructions below. You can also download the checklist here. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Download Coach Checklist




Go to

Click “Sign up” on the top menu and complete the fields to create your marketplace account.

Check your email for a confirmation email and confirm your email address.


When you’re logged in, click on the circle on the upper right menu. This is your Dashboard. Click on Settings and fill in the fields.

From the left-hand menu beneath “Settings” click on “Account” to review your account details.

Click on “Notifications” to set your email settings.


Click on “Payments” to set your payment settings. This is how you’ll get paid when a shopper pays for your service. You can get paid to your bank account or PayPal business account.

Munyay uses Stripe Connect to pay to your bank account. Follow the steps to make the connection. Stripe Connect pays out to 25 countries, which are listed at If the country of your bank account is not listed, you can still get paid from Munyay using a PayPal business account.

Follow the steps to connect to your PayPal business account. If you don’t have a PayPal business account, please create one, then connect to Munyay.

Stripe Connect and PayPal charge different fees, but the fees will end up being about 2% to 5% of the customer payment. Munyay has no control over financial transaction fees from the payment gateways.




When you’re logged in, click on “+ Add a new listing” in the upper right corner.

All users must be verified once by Munyay to create listings. Munyay was notified when you created a new user account. If you haven’t been verified yet, please contact us and let us know you’re ready to add listings. (You only do this one time.)

Once you’ve been verified, click on “+Add a new listing” and select the category for your listing. We recommend you add at least one “Free Discovery Session” so you can be found for shoppers searching for that category.

Select the subcategory for the listing, then select the listing type.

Fill in the fields. Please note you can embed a YouTube video in your description, which will be displayed below the description. Embedding a video means the video can be displayed on your listing, which keeps the shopper on your page. You can also enter a hyperlink for supporting documents, for example, a coaching prep form for the client to download.

IMPORTANT: Follow instructions for optimizing your listing at: “How to Optimize Your Coach Listings for the Munyay Marketplace.”


Select the days you’re available to coach. By default, week days are selected. To uncheck, click on the checkmark. To select weekend days, also click on the checkmark.

Select the times you’re available to coach. To add another block of time per day, select “+Add another time slot." 

Click Save. Close the calendar settings by clicking on “X” at the top right corner.

Congratulations, your listing has been created! Now you may add as many listings as you want.



Please request to join our private Facebook group for Munyay Approved Coaches. We post content there just for coaches. We also have a Facebook page for Munyay. If you like it, you'll get notified about new and fresh content.