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The Changing Workplace

Today's workplace is changing. According to the Gallup Organization, regardless of where they work, today's employees are looking for:

  • meaningful growth
  • purposeful work
  • use of their strengths
  • professional coaching

Will they get this at your workplace? That's how Munyay can help.

Introducing Munyay for Organizations

Munyay helps people to love their life and love their work so employees and organizations can thrive in ways that matter most. The goal of Munyay is to turn Mondays into Yay Days.

We want the thrill of work to rival the thrill of the weekend. As a start, we've launched a professional coach marketplace so you can provide coaching as an employee benefit. 

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Coaching As An Affordable Employee Benefit

Our professional coach marketplace features Munyay Approved Coaches who specialize in different topics at various prices. This way you can offer coaching to your employees as a benefit or part of an employee assistance program, while you watch your budget at the same time. Everyone wins!

Benefits To The Organization

Providing coaching to your employees helps to:

  • increase productivity
  • improve employee engagement
  • compete with other employers for talent
  • develop employees in meaningful ways

Find A Coach





Find A Coach
When your employees thrive, your workplace wins. Munyay helps you provide professional coaching to your employees.

We believe that coaching plays an essential role in developing our most important resource—our staff. Since introducing coaching, teams are more cohesive, employees are more engaged, and our workplace is more productive.

Ryan Ohlson, Chief Operating Officer EnergyCAP, Inc.

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