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Hello, My Name Is Jesus 

Kid's Devotions About Our Awesome Christ


Help the kids in your life to know Jesus better

What better help can you give them than a deeper experience with Christ? Thru bite-sized devotions, custom illustrations, short prayers, and focused Bible verses, this book introduces kids to ALL of Christ so they can walk with him ALL of their days.

Written by Chris Heinz, Illustrated by Andy Mylin, Foreword by David Bryant.


"Far too many children are being raised on a diminished view of Christ. Why not bless your children with more of the fullness of Christ? I could not recommend this book more highly."

David Bryant
Director, ChristNow.com

Read a Book Sample

Want to read a sample of "Hello, My Name Is Jesus?" Click on the button to download an excerpt.

"I like the prayers in this book. They are a reminder to be thankful."

Age 9

"I love hearing the stories in this book. They remind me Jesus lives in my heart."

Age 7

"Reading this book made learning about Jesus fun! We give it 5 stars and think others will too!"

Seth & Eli
Age 10 & 8

"I loved that it has little prayers you can read at the end that relate to the story! I also like that it always has a verse that helps me know where to look it up so I can highlight it in my Bible & always know the verse."

Age 9

"I think this book is great for kids to understand and picture Jesus better. It's an easy read for me."

Age 9

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