Finding Your Drive at Work: Enneagram Training for People Wanting to Ignite Their Purpose, Passion, and Power


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In this online course you will:

  • Find your core motivational drive that directs your approach to life and work 

  • Understand the nine drives to help you in relationships, workplace partnerships, and teams

  • Take growth steps to maximize your strengths and minimize your shortfalls


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“I recently finished Chris Heinz's 'Finding Your Drive at Work' course. It was an excellent introduction to the Enneagram, along with many practical suggestions of practical applications. The course answered many questions and has piqued my interest in learning more. I highly recommend this course!”

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"It has been a life changing course for me. Thank you for the way you delivered it. Very engaging and full of great content as well as very clear communication. My biggest take away was around understanding fears, and where we get our self-worth for each drive."

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“Learning about the Enneagram is beneficial for me on a daily basis. Not only do I use it as a tool to understand the motivation behind my own actions, but also to understand the motivation behind the actions of others. This helps me to better relate to others – particularly those with whom I spend most of my time.”

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"The Enneagram training that I received was VERY helpful! It gave me an opportunity to consider my work team and see how different “Enneagram Types” can work together to implement a change. I highly recommend this for your personal life or workplace."

Find Your Drive

Finding your drive will improve the way you work, live, and relate to others. Once you start learning from the Enneagram, you'll wonder how you got along without it. But don't take our word for it.

According to Drew Houston, co-founder of the Billion dollar company Dropbox, "Over the last few years, I’ve found myself looking at all my important relationships through the Enneagram lens…I wish I had discovered it much earlier."

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By the end of this 14-video course you'll have:

  • Clear direction into your own core motivational drive  

  • Understanding of your strengths and shortfalls 

  • Practical growth steps for bringing your best self to your life and work

  • Insight into the ways of the Enneagram tool

Module 1: Introduction

In this module, we'll welcome you and introduce you to your instructor. Then we'll explain the course outline and objectives and provide your downloadable learning guide.

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Module 2: About the Enneagram

In this module, we'll cover the background and basics of the Enneagram, provide an overview of the Nine Drives, and introduce important topics to foster your learning: Centers of Intelligence, Wings, and the Harmony Triad.

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Module 3: The Nine Drives

In this module, we'll take a deeper dive into each of the Nine Drives. We'll discuss each drive's core motivation, go-to-response, and common strengths and shortfalls. You'll be on your way to identifying your core drive.

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Module 4: Growth Steps and Resources

In this final module, we'll review the course highlights and invite you to take practical growth steps in accordance with your learning. In addition, we'll provide resources to further your growth.

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