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#1: Summer Blog Series: Coach Me To Pray

Jun 1, 2018 8:51:24 AM / by Chris Heinz

How’s your prayer life? That’s a question not many of us like to answer because not many of us are happy with the answer.

A few years ago we took a survey of peoples’ prayer lives and found that only 25% were satisfied with prayer, which meant 75% were not. I’m no math whiz, but that sounds like three out of four people were not happy with the most important conversation of their life.

So there’s that question again: How’s your prayer life?

I think life’s too short not to enjoy prayer. Enjoying prayer is enjoying the Father. I think deep down all of us want to enjoy the Father, we just don’t know how to get there. Prayer is a means to get there.

Two of my passions are prayer and coaching. The Father has led me to a unique approach to prayer—find your best prayer types and pray that way. The Father has also led me to embrace coaching as a means of change and growth.

I’ve seen the wonderful results that coaching can deliver—people getting past obstacles, gaining new awareness, moving into new jobs, accomplishing goals. Coaching is about asking where you are now, where do you want to go, what’s in your way, and how can you get there? Coaching is a means of grace.


And I’ve seen the tender and true results of prayer—intimacy with the Father, growing in likeness of Jesus, empowerment by the Spirit, equipping to serve. Prayer is about connecting with God so you can become all you are meant to become and do all you are meant to do. Prayer is a means of grace.

What if we took a coach approach to prayer?

What if we made “better prayer” the outcome of coaching? What if we assessed where we are now in our prayer lives, then decided where we wanted to go in prayer, then identified what’s getting in our way, then made plans to get to where we want to go?

What if we combined coaching and prayer? That’s what this summer blog series is all about.

As a Certified Professional Life Coach and an author on prayer, I’d like to lead you through a summer of posts combining coaching and prayer. I don’t know exactly where it’ll lead or if anyone will come along, but I know it’s something I need, and if it’s something I need, maybe you do, too.

Listen, I’m pretty busy and you probably are too. But what if we took this summer to work on our prayer lives by taking a coach approach?

Do me a favor—imagine three months from now when the summer is over. How do you want to answer the question, “How’s your prayer life?”

It could keep going the way it’s going. Or you could take this summer to improve.

So who’s with me?

If you are, answer this in comment field below: Where do you want your prayer life to be in three months?


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Chris Heinz

Written by Chris Heinz

I help people know themselves so they can be better. I'm a trainer and coach around strengths, the Enneagram, and employee engagement. As the Chief People Officer for EnergyCAP, Inc., I'm also a top-rated Learning Partner for Penn State. I hold coaching certifications from Gallup and the International Coach Federation, and in the Enneagram. My writing has been featured as "Best of the Week" by "Human Resources Today." I'm also the author of the “Made To Pray” book and prayer assessment, which helps people find their prayer strengths. I live with my wife and three children in central PA and blog from www.ChrisHeinz.com.