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What Is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a personality profile system consisting of nine personality styles. The word comes from ennea meaning "nine" and gram meaning "figure or point."

Although its roots are said to go back to the fourth century AD, today the Enneagram is being used in the business, educational, self-development, and religious sectors for personal and professional growth.

Understanding the Enneagram

Tools like the Enneagram are helpful in self development and team building. They act as a mirror and help us see ourselves more clearly. We gain new insights into what drives us, why we do the things we do, and how to relate better with others.
The Enneagram has gained popularity in recent years. When trends come along, there's a danger in becoming interested short-term, but not using the tool as it's meant to be used. This has often happened with the Enneagram.
We hope you treat it differently.  

Enneagram Types

What are the nine types in the Enneagram? What makes each distinct from the others? Download this quick guide to understand the nine personality types for your own Enneagram journey or for relating to others.

Although it originally was used for personal use, the Enneagram is also good for professional use.

That's because the Enneagram can reveal about a person's motivations, behavior, emotional life, relational style, stress triggers, value on a team, and more. For this reason, many top workplaces are using the Enneagram as standard practice.

The Enneagram is good for business because:

  • Greater employee self-awareness helps everyone
  • You can’t ignore the whole person
  • Successful businesses are using it
  • Today’s employees want growth and development
  • The Enneagram shows you what other assessments don’t

Have you considered using the Enneagram for your business?

My Expertise With the Enneagram

When I led Human Resources for EnergyCAP, I used various assessments to help employees understand themselves better, align with their work, and relate better with others. The Enneagram was an important component of our program, and I got certified to use it with people.

Although other assessments were good, the Enneagram took us deeper through a whole person approach. Instead of focusing on external topics like productivity and results, the Enneagram opened up discovery and discussion around internal topics like motivation, stress triggers, conflict styles, behavior, mindset, and more.

As a result of our experience using the Enneagram at work, I got invited to teach the Enneagram for academic, corporate, and non-profit organizations. Eventually I was unable to keep up with the demand for outside work, so I resigned from EnergyCAP to focus on serving other organizations.

Our family moved to Charlottesville, VA and now I’m a full-time trainer and coach. The Enneagram Type that I most relate to is Type 3 - to succeed.

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