Enneagram for Strengths Coaches Bootcamp

Apply your Enneagram drive to maximize your strengths coaching

Six weeks of powerful video training, personal coaching, and practical exercises

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During the Bootcamp you will:

  • Find your core Enneagram drive

  • Apply your drive toward strengths coaching

  • Explore the integration of your strengths with the Enneagram

  • Develop growth practices to meet your goals

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“When I first learned my strengths, having a vocabulary for what energizes me and knowing how to focus those strengths was a game changer. Years later I discovered my Enneagram Type, which added another layer of awareness. Using both tools renews my enthusiasm to grow into the person I was created to be.”

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"This has been a life changing course for me. Thank you for the way you delivered it. Very engaging and full of great content as well as very clear communication. My biggest take away was around understanding fears, and where we get our self-worth for each drive."

You'll receive these benefits:

  • Video lessons of 30-45 mins per week

  • Personal coaching sessions of 45 mins per week with Chris Heinz

  • Worksheets and activities

  • WEPSS Enneagram assessment and debrief

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Week 1: What is the Enneagram?

Videos 1-4

Coaching Focus: Debriefing the WEPSS Enneagram assessment

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Week 2: What are Types 1-4?

Videos 5-8

Coaching Focus: Understanding your Harmony Triad

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Week 3: What are Types 5-9?

Videos 9-13

Coaching Focus: Putting together the assessment and learning

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Week 4: How does the Enneagram relate to Strengths?

Videos 14-16

Coaching Focus: Integrating your strengths with your drive

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Week 5: How can the Enneagram make you a better strengths coach?

Videos 17-19

Coaching Focus: Applying the Enneagram to your coaching

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Week 6: How can I keep growing and meeting my goals?

Videos 20-22

Coaching Focus: Maximizing your strengths and minimizing shortfalls for growth and success

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