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Enneagram Bootcamp for Coaches

Maximize your Strengths Coaching 

Focus on Enneagram and Strengths for Coaching, Growth, and Success


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During Bootcamp You'll Get:

  • Six weeks of power-packed teaching, coaching, activities, and connecting
  • Video lessons of 30-45 mins per week
  • Personal coaching sessions with Chris Heinz
  • Learning Guide and worksheets
  • WEPSS Enneagram assessment and debrief
  • Meetups with other coaches

You don't have to be a Gallup® Certified Strengths Coach to participate, just a working knowledge of talents and strengths.

"Bootcamp provided me with very good information about the 'why' of things I do. It gave me tools and knowledge to help me center myself in the life changes I'm initiating. The price was very reasonable."

Jon Tufte

"This Bootcamp came at just the right time for me, as I was getting ready to launch my new coaching business. Thank you so much for everything I am learning. Your knowledge and input really has been invaluable to me. "

Darlene Taylor

"When I first learned my strengths, having a vocabulary for what energizes me and knowing how to focus those strengths was a game changer. Years later I discovered my Enneagram Type, which added another layer of awareness."

Adam Mustoe
Lead Pastor

"As a coach it's important to invest in yourself and continue to grow. Bootcamp gave me so much insight and development integrating Strengths and Enneagram. The content was great, it was prepared in a way that was easy to consume. Chris was incredibly generous with his time and wisdom. "

Rochelle Faimalo
Community Development Advisor


Week 1: What is the Enneagram?

Videos 1-4:

  • Outline and Objectives
  • Background and Basics
  • Overview of the Nine Drives
  • Centers, Wings, and Harmony

Coaching Focus: Debriefing the WEPSS Enneagram assessment

Week 2: What are Types 1-4?

Videos 5-8:

  • About Type 1
  • About Type 2
  • About Type 3
  • About Type 4

Coaching Focus: Understanding your Harmony Triad

Week 3: What are Types 5-9?

Videos 9-13:

  • About Type 5
  • About Type 6
  • About Type 7
  • About Type 8
  • About Type 9

Coaching Focus: Putting together the assessment and learning

Week 4: How does the Enneagram relate to Strengths?

Videos 14-16:

  • What are the Similarities?
  • What are the Differences?
  • Where's the Synthesis?

Coaching Focus: Integrating your strengths with your drive

Week 5: How can Enneagram and Strengths make me a better coach?

Videos 17-20:

  • What's the value of coaching?
  • What's the process of coaching?
  • What are the competencies of coaching?
  • What's the business of coaching?

Coaching Focus: Applying Enneagram and Strengths to your coaching practice or coaching skills

Week 6: How can I keep growing and meeting my goals?

Videos 21-24:

  • Bootcamp Review
  • Growth
  • Success
  • Conclusion

Coaching Focus: Maximizing your strengths and minimizing shortfalls for growth and success



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