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For Coaches

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The most important goals for many coaches are to get new clients, streamline business processes, and grow as a coach. Our new coach marketplace can help with all three.

We want to make professional coaching affordable and accessible to everyone. The way we do this is by having a variety of coaches from different specialties, price points, and backgrounds on the marketplace.

Low Risk, Unlimited Listings for Free 

As a coach, the marketplace is low risk to you. You can create as many service listings as you want for free, and you'll receive 85% of client payments minus finance fees for Stripe or PayPal. 

More than a coach directory, our coach marketplace offers key marketplace features like:

  • Unlimited number of coach listings
  • Embedded video and web links
  • Search by category, name, price, keyword, and more
  • Client payment via credit card or Paypal
  • Coach payout to bank account or Paypal
  • Inbox messaging and reservation calendar
  • Customer reviews and star ratings

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Coach Qualifications

Group-10-copy.pngSince we're a professional coach marketplace, we uphold professional coaching standards. We have an approval process and ask that all coaches adhere to the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation.

Coaches get approved if they:

  • are certified through a professional coaching organization; or
  • are on the certification track of a professional coaching organization having completed at least two ICF-approved coaching courses; or
  •  have completed the program in the upcoming Munyay Coaching Academy.

Do you want to get listed on Munyay?

To get listed on Munyay, the process is simple:

  • Apply to become a Munyay Approved Coach (below)
  • If you meet our requirements, receive welcome emails with instructions for next steps
  • Create your account on the marketplace
  • Set up and optimize your coach listings
  • Invite your clients to find you on Munyay

That's it! We provide guidance every step of the way.

Fill Out The Form Today.

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Get new clients, streamline business operations, and grow as a coach through our Coach Marketplace.
Munyay is one of my most trusted partners to connect with ideal clients.  Coaches deserve to grow their business so they can love their life and work.

Brent O'Bannon World's First Gallup Strengths Coach


Munyay simplifies the complexities of growing a coaching business so coaches can get to the real business of coaching. Even more exciting is Munyay's mission to make coaching affordable to anyone who wants it!

Kinsey Oglesby Heart Transformation Coach

I am a firm believer in the coaching process and how it helps to transform lives. I feel Munyay can help me fulfill my purpose.

Tony Johnson Employee Engagement Coach

I am very excited about partnering with Munyay to offer my services and meet with new clients. Matching the coach and the client helps the coach focus on being a great coach.

Teresa McCloy Productivity Coach

I wish to find ways to make the transition into full-time coaching. I love coaching but require support in marketing and leads generation. This is a good avenue for me and I can put my skills to good use.

Chuen Chuen Yeo Performance Coach

I am looking for more clients, am an effective coach and am passionate to serve others. As an American located in rural England, it's hard to connect with clients who need my services, but those I have coached have seen life transformation in a short amount of time.

Crystal Keet Life Coach

 I want to make a difference in people’s lives. I want to be associated with an organization that values and promotes quality and professionalism in the coaching arena.

Cindy Penner Relationship Coach

I coach/train in a difficult subject area (grief and bereavement) and want to be in as many places as possible so those that need help in these areas can find me.

Bradley Vinson Grief/Bereavement Coach

I tend to draw clients through my personal training route, but would like to explore other avenues to gain varying types of clients. Munyay looks like a great place to become exposed to both purposeful fitness clients and career/business development clients.

Jasper Silvis Fitness Coach

It's time to apply my leadership experience as a Navy Commander, talents and gifts, and desire to be a teammate with people who want their influence to grow stronger and more effective.

Edi Sowers Executive Coach

I joined Munyay to get more exposure to potential clients needing my services and to align with an organization who aligns with ICF's standards and guidelines for coaching.

Linda Williams Marriage Coach

I work with students and families as they transition to college. Munyay is a great opportunity to offer my services and help families without geographical boundaries. 

Gayle Chaky College Transition Coach