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Dream, Discover, and Dare

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Some of your calling is received; some is achieved. Our all-new, 90-day Bootcamp provides training, coaching, community, and practices to move you forward in your life calling. Expect transformation to happen.

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I knew I was made for more, I just didn't know how to find it.

So I entered an intentional process to discover my life calling.

  • I studied the key themes in life calling
  • I looked within myself and my experiences
  • I discussed with my trusted community
  • I did some spiritual practices
  • I got coached around calling

I found my life calling, rearranged my life and work, and now I'm loving it.

Were you made for more? Let us help you find your life calling.

Chris Heinz,
Founder of Life Calling Institute
Professional Certified Coach


Here's what some people are saying about the Life Calling Bootcamp. Experience for yourself what they've learned about our approach.

"The world needs more brave people who will venture to do what only they can. But you don’t just fall into your life calling—you need courage, focus, and a guide who has been there. I’ve seen Chris Heinz take bold steps into his calling and he’ll help you walk into yours."

Bob Goff
Best-selling Author and Creator of Dream Big Academy

"The desire to experience meaning in one’s life and work is profound, but the process of discerning and living a calling can be confusing and complex. The Life Calling Bootcamp understands this and embraces the need for nuance. It brings the vital components of the calling journey together in one place. I strongly recommend it."

Bryan Dik, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology, Researcher and Writer on Calling

"Thank you very much Chris and the team. Your sharings of life calling have been fantastic. They have confirmed my own life calling. I love your commitment to the training and your availability."

Binen Anena Sr. Pasqua
Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

"I had already been working as a life calling coach and yet Chris' material in the Life Calling Institute gave me a clearer and more detailed perspective on life calling. His approach is very tangible, easy to remember and helpful in the pursuit of a meaningful life."

Daniel Reichert
Life Calling Coach

"I am continually encouraged by what you are doing to help others find their calling. I believe I've found my life calling to help adoptive families, and I pray that others will do the same as a result of this class."

Sharon Obazee
Adoptive Families Coach


Finding and living your life calling takes intention, focus, and the right elements. Our Bootcamp takes a comprehensive approach to life calling.

On-Demand Video Course

Learn about key themes in life calling through our on-demand video course. Videos are 8-10 minutes and you can watch at your own pace thru Bootcamp.

Downloads + Worksheets

Downloads and worksheets accompany the video training and help you apply what you're learning. Fill them out as you go or wait until the end of each lesson.

Lifetime Access to Calling Platform

Use our calling platform to explore unique work pathways to meaning and purpose. Utilizes predictive science and analytics based on vocational psychology.

Private Coaching Sessions

Meet with an LCI-trained or certified coach for a private coaching session once a month. Receive individualized coaching from a trained professional.

Live Community Events

Attend exclusive live community events that inspire, train, and equip you to find and live out your calling. Events will be recorded and posted for a limited time.

Small Group Coaching

Join a cohort of like-minded folks who are exploring life calling. Facilitated by an LCI-trained or certified coach, small groups meet twice per month.

Support + Encouragement

Contact us at any time of your Bootcamp experience to ask questions, share insights or get help. We're eager to support you in your Bootcamp experience.

Private Facebook Group

Meet, network and communicate with other members in our private Facebook group. This is a closed group and open only to members of the Bootcamp.


Here are the life calling themes we'll explore through the training videos, worksheets, events, and coaching calls.


Fundamentals of Life Calling
Basic perspectives and principles that set the stage for pursuing and living your life calling


Helpful Practices
Spiritual disciplines and vital practices that help you explore and live your life calling


Passions & Interests
Areas of personal intrigue and vocational interest that can complement or contribute to calling


Life Values
High priority beliefs that impact decisions, behaviors, and your sense of purpose


Life Purpose
Overarching activities and reasons that provide meaning, clarity, and impact in life


Innate and learned abilities that help you live out your calling with sustainability and success


World’s Needs
Unignorable and irresistable gaps in how the world is and how the world ought to be


Relationships that inspire and encourage you toward calling


3D Framework
A practical, action-oriented framework for finding and living into life calling comprised of dreaming, discovering, and daring


Integration of Life Calling
Synthesis of who you are and the work you’re called to do


Our professional coaches are ready to help you live into your life calling. You may want to select a coach based on their biography and background, their coaching certifications, or the times they're available to coach.

All coaches have completed our Life Calling Institute (LCI) coach training program. LCI-Certified Coach means they are coaching at the level required for International Coach Federation certification. LCI-Trained Coach means they are pursuing the advanced designation. Find when coaches are available to coach from their calendar links in their bio's or from the Coach Schedule below. You'll find 24-hour coverage!

Catherine (Cat) Gray

LCI-Certified Coach

Hi, I’m Cat, an ACC qualified coach with the International Coaching Federation. I LOVE my job of being a coach and get excited seeing others realise that work and fun can actually be used in the same sentence. If you hadn’t already guessed, I'm an Enneagram 7, and my top Strengths are Strategic, Developer, Responsibility, Belief, Connectedness and Relator. 

Certifications: Associate Certified Coach; Strength’s Champion Certified Coach

Check Calendar for Availability


Daniel Reichert

LCI-Certified Coach

My life as a young adult had been miserable with constant feelings of rejection and isolation. God healed my broken heart. Today I am a living a joyful life in meaningful relationships, and I am a living testimony of this truth: “One can turn his baggage of the past into luggage for the future!” I have developed the coaching program, “The 7 puzzle pieces of your life calling."

Certifications: Gallup Certified Strengths Coach; Degree for “Practical Coaching”

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Kathy Goller

LCI-Certified Coach

I love accompanying people in their life, career, and faith journeys, helping them explore meaningful questions and align their lives and careers to their strengths, values, and purpose. My professional background includes over 20 years in church ministry, but recently I transformed my career path, and am now certified as a life, career, and executive coach.

Certifications: Certified Holistic Life, Career & Executive Coach; Certified Enneagram Coach; Gallup Certified Strengths Coach (expected Feb. 2022)

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Michael Pfau

LCI-Certified Coach

As the Founder and President of Crossways Life Coaching, LLC, I'm an author, speaker, coach, mentor, and trainer. I work primarily with midlife professionals who are looking for more in life, work, and career. I have 20 years of experience specializing in several areas of life coaching including career discovery, career performance, life balance and retirement.

Certifications: Professional Certified Coach; Board Certified Coach; Certified Professional Christian Coach; Certified Professional Leadership Coach; Strength’s Champion Certified Coach

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Ramon Utting

LCI-Certified Coach

I imagine that you have a deep desire to explore some really important things in your life? You are on an exciting journey of discovery and learning. As a coach, I join with you on that journey – taking the opportunity to listen to where you are at, to help you to think deeply about what is most meaningful, and to pose questions that help you to achieve growth. For me, being able to be with you is what brings my calling alive.

Certifications: Gallup Certified Strengths Coach; Certified Imago Relationships Therapy Educator

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Annette Bechtold

LCI-Trained Coach

An encourager and helper from a very young age, my mantra was, “Yes you could!” So, it’s no surprise that I’m an Enneagram 3 (to succeed) with top five strengths of Achiever, Communication, Individualization, Maximizer, and Ideation. My passion: helping individuals and teams to discover and appreciate their God-given gifts.

Certifications: Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and Engagement Champion; Lead Like Jesus Facilitator; Certified Professional Leadership Coach (expected January 2023)

Check Calendar for Availability


Ellen Fineout-Overholt

LCI-Trained Coach

As an LCI-Trained and Gallup Certified Strengths coach, I am committed to facilitating understanding and growth with my clients. Life calling comes in many forms. I have been a professor in the health professions for many years and bring decades of leadership experience to my coaching.

Certifications: Gallup Certified Strengths Coach; Certified Enneagram Coach (in progress)

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Marianne Auten

LCI-Trained Coach

Hi, I’m Marianne from Phoenix, Arizona. After successfully changing careers from Environmental Science to Counseling, I spent the last three decades in a job I loved – as Counseling Faculty at a Community College. My greatest joy in that job was guiding individuals (of all ages and backgrounds) to find the meaningful work that would nourish their soul as well as provide a positive lifestyle. 

Certifications: Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

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