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My Little Secret About Personality Assessments

I’ve been pushing a few personality assessments lately. Specifically, Strengths and the Enneagram. But here’s my little secret…it’s not really about the assessments. It's about The Four Pursuits. Here's what I mean by that.

Sure, I enjoy connecting with you over learning opportunities like:

But these opportunities are a means, they’re not the end. The end goes much deeper.

I first got into personality assessments to understand who we are (human nature); what we’re supposed to do (human calling); who made us (human origin); and with whom we can connect (human connection).

I think of these as the Four Pursuits, and regardless of one’s view of human origin and a higher power, I think we’re all searching for a:

  • God to love, where we enjoy our Maker and our Savior
  • Son or Daughter to become, where we find our true self
  • Work to do, where we contribute in ways marked out for us
  • Community to join, where we find belonging and acceptance

In other words, the Four Pursuits are about:

  • God
  • Identity
  • Work
  • Relationships

Each of us is somewhere along the path of each pursuit, traveling the journey to find our Maker, our true self, our life’s work, and meaningful relationships.

When you study the regrets of those who are dying, many of them touch on these areas. But oh, to be too late to do something about it! I don’t want that to be me.

And so back to my little secret. I’m a student of personality assessments because they are tools for the journey. I have found that the insights and understanding revealed through them take me farther along these pursuits.

That is, I study personality so I progress in these essential areas: to love my Maker, to become my true self, to do my work, and to connect with others.

Want to come along with me? There's room for all of us.

Want to explore salvation, intimacy with God, and impact on the world through the lens of the Enneagram?


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