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How the Nine Enneagram Types Deal with Stress

enneagram self-awareness Apr 23, 2020

We recently did a weeklong series of webinars on the topic of managing stress. We looked at four different approaches to managing stress because each one offers something distinctive—Coaching ApproachStrengths ApproachEnneagram Approach, and Christian Approach.

In this post, we’ll talk about the Enneagram Approach. By the way, if you want to watch any of the recorded videos, click on the words above. When taking an Enneagram Approach, you can ask three questions:

  • What's my core drive?
  • What can trigger stress?
  • What can bring relief?

By the Enneagram, we mean the ancient personality profiling system composed of nine basic personality types or drives. The Enneagram is gaining momentum and steam in the workplace. I'm certified in the Enneagram and lead remote and live workshops using the assessment.

What I love about the Enneagram is that it can reveal parts of your personality you didn't know were there or maybe did know were there but never named them. When you identify your Enneagram Type, you can understand why you do what you do, and can consider particular situations, like managing stress effectively.

An Enneagram Approach to managing stress means you:

  • are aware of what triggers your Type because each Type feels stress in a different way
  • find relief because each Type can bring you relief in a different way

As a Type Nine, my core drive is to be at peace. Here's what commonly triggers me:

  • Disappointing people
  • Unplanned conflict
  • Having to make a choice I'm not ready to make

If I’m feeling stress, it may be because my Type is being squeezed in any of the ways above. Sure, stress may not come because of these reasons, but it could, and considering your Type's stress response is part of the discovery process we discussed in the Coaching Approach blog post or video.

Here’s what commonly brings relief to my Type Nine:

  • Everyone getting along
  • Bringing new information
  • Being welcomed to bring my voice

When you identify stress, you can find relief from pursuing activities that bring relief to your Type.

We compiled a list of triggers and relief activities for the nine types, plus space for you to personalize it. Download it here and may you deal with your stress effectively!





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