How the 34 Strengths Choose A Baby Name

34 strengths strengths Dec 29, 2019

Several of my friends are preparing to have babies. That made me wonder how people with different strengths might choose a baby name. We considered the same thing with Disney World, so we thought we’d do the same with baby names.

How would the 34 strengths choose a baby name? By "34 strengths," we’re referring to the 34 CliftonStrengths® developed by behavioral psychologist Donald Clifton.

Explore how the 34 talent themes deal with change.

Achiever®: You race to find a name so you can check off “Choose Baby Name” on your brand-new baby to-do list

Activator®: You choose a name, paint it on the nursery wall, decide it’s not the right one, repaint the nursery, choose a name, paint it on the wall, decide it’s not the right one, repaint the nursery, and so on

Adaptability®: You wait until the baby is born to “try on names”

Analytical®: You create a spreadsheet of what-if scenarios, first name/middle name combinations, possible pronunciations, feasible alliterations, and then a baby name algorithm

Arranger®: In addition to this baby’s name, you select the names for your future children and arrange the names in the right order

Belief®: You base the baby’s name on your core values, like “Faith,” “Hope” or “Charity”

Command®: You tell your partner what the name’s going to be

Communication®: You share on social media your baby name options and each step of your selection process

Competition®: You create a contest for family and friends

Connectedness®: You have a sense of who the baby will become and name him or her accordingly

Consistency®: You avoid naming the baby after yourself because that would seem unfair to the other children

Context®: You select a meaningful name from history

Deliberative®: You plan the process before you start the process

Developer®: You choose aspirational names that will call out promise and potential

Discipline®: You do not reveal baby names until it’s time

Empathy®: You agonize over not hurting people’s feelings by the name you choose

Focus®: You smile and nod as people give you suggestions, and know all along you won't use any of them

Futuristic®: You research future trends of baby names

Harmony®: You choose a family name from each side of the family and incorporate both into the baby name

Ideation®: You brainstorm names on a dry erase board

Includer®: You choose a popular name that is easily pronounced so your child won't stand out

Individualization®: You choose a unique name that will stand out

Input®: You collect lists of baby names

Intellection®: You discuss the meaning of baby names for hours at a time

Learner®: You consult baby blogs, baby books, baby almanacs, baby vlogs, and the grandma next door

Maximizer®: You start with traditional names and creatively improve them

Positivity®: You choose a name that is fun to say and makes you feel good saying it, like Boden or Pippin

Relator®: You discuss options with a few close friends

Responsibility®: You lay awake in anxiety over the huge task of giving a name to a person, I mean, he or she is going to have this name their whole life, I mean, what if it's wrong or stupid

Restorative™: You choose the name of someone who went awry, so your baby can redeem the name

Self-Assurance®: You name your baby after yourself

Significance®: You honor the legacy of someone who’s passed

Strategic®: You chart out options, rule out detractors, and select the name that will bring the best advantage

Woo®: You ask strangers what to name the baby

How else might the strengths choose a baby name?

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