Five Provocative Quotes from Webinar on Racial Equality

We had an inspiring and provocative webinar around the topic of racial equality, where we spoke with Wellness Coach Darlene Taylor about her experience as a Black woman, and how Enneagram and Strengths can help with racial equality. If you missed the webinar, here’s a link to the recording.

I’ve been reflecting on our conversation, and from my perspective, here are five provocative quotes and my takeaways from our time together:

“My daughter is mixed race, and because I’m Black, someone assumed I was my daughter’s nanny.”

Who said it: Darlene

Context: Darlene shared some experiences with racial stereotypes. Because her daughter has lighter skin than she, someone assumed Darlene was her nanny, since “a woman whose skin is darker can’t possibly be the mother.”

My Takeaway: When we relate to others, none of us have the whole story.


“I have to work twice as hard to get half the results.”

Who said it: Darlene

Context: Darlene said she’s had to work harder than others have had to work, and that extra effort didn’t guarantee better results; it just meant more work. Others have assumed she was lazy, dumb, and wouldn’t succeed because of the color of her skin.

My Takeaway: Watch for ways I might stereotype others based on a particular trait


“Every day I think about how the color of my skin affects me. If you don’t have to think about that, that’s White privilege.”

Who said it: Darlene

Context: I asked how the color of her skin affects her daily life and she said it’s a continuous awareness that she may be treated a certain way because she’s Black. If we don’t have to think about the color of our skin, that’s privilege.

My Takeaway: I don’t ever think that the color of my skin limits me, which is a privilege many others don’t have. COVID-19 helped me think about this.


“As a White man, how can you produce materials around racial equality?”

Who said it: Webinar attendee directed at me

Context: When we opened up for questions, one attendee asked this. I paused for a moment, then answered: “I thought of my platform and my voice and decided to use it for good in this way. Also, I know I’m not an expert, but I can facilitate a conversation around race, so I did.”

My Takeaway: When we resonate with an injustice, we need to use whatever means we have, to make progress.


“If we really believe that knowing our talents and drive can make a difference, then point them toward racial equality.”

Who said it: Me

Context: Tools like Enneagram and Strengths help us to know ourselves better, and they’re tools for everyday life: in the home, on the streets, at work. The tools are at their best when we aim our insights and action steps not only toward everyday work performance and relationships, but also toward real world problems like racial inequality and let them guide us toward a better world.

My Takeaway: Use tools like Enneagram and Strengths to tackle real world problems like racial inequality.

Want to go further? Attend a Racial Equality Workshop:

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