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Video Conversations on Enneagram, Advent, and Strengths

Author and Pastor Clare Loughrige invited me to have a conversation with her as part of an Advent Series on unwrapping the presence of Jesus while considering the Enneagram. In addition, we also discussed the connections between Enneagram and Strengths.

Clare is one of the authors of Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram, and is the creator of the Motions of the Soul Enneagram certification program, which I attended and highly recommend. 

In our first video, we talk about Generosity:

  • demonstrated by Jesus
  • according to all nine Enneagram types
  • in nine life events of Jesus

In our second video, we talk about the connection between Enneagram and Strengths.

As you watch, may the generous presence of Jesus become more real to you this Advent season.



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