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Gifts from the 34 Strengths to the World

As an identical twin, I've come to appreciate the uniqueness that we all bring. My brother and I share the same DNA, but we're very different people. In fact, we don't share any of the same top five strengths. This got me thinking about the 34 strengths.

What unique gifts does each strength bring to our world? By "34 strengths," I'm referring to the 34 CliftonStrengths® of talent. Being aware of your talents, growing them into strengths, and aiming them toward your goals is a key to success in life and work.

Want to learn more about the strengths and shortfalls of each of the 34 CliftonStrengths® talent themes?


We've already considered how the strengths may celebrate their birthday, deal with change, do Disney World®, choose a baby name, and dress for Halloween.

In this post, we share what they bring to our world:

Achiever®: Productivity

Activator®: Action

Adaptability®: Flexbility

Analytical®: Reason

Arranger®: Organization

Belief®: Integrity

Command®: Clarity

Communication®: Storytelling

Competition®: Victory

Connectedness®: Purpose

Consistency®: Fairness

Context®: Context

Deliberative®: Caution

Developer®: Patience

Discipline®: Structure

Empathy®: Love

Focus®: Priority

Futuristic®: Hope

Harmony®: Balance


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Ideation®: Possibilities

Includer®: Acceptance

Individualization®: Dignity

Input®: Collection

Intellection®: Understanding

Learner®: Curiosity

Maximizer®: Excellence

Positivity®: Enthusiasm

Relator®: Authenticity

Responsibility®: Follow-through

Restorative™: Improvement

Self-Assurance®: Risk

Significance®: Legacy

Strategic®: Strategy

Woo®: Hospitality

If you've got a gift to offer, please bring it. We need what you have.


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