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4: The Chief Outcomes of Prayer

faith Dec 28, 2019

If you want to do God’s will, you’ve got to prioritize prayer. There are some things from God you can’t learn by reading them or listening to others; they come by personal experience alone, experiencing God like only you can.

And the way to experience God like only you can is to pray with your own voice.

That’s why Psalm 77:1 says, “I cried unto God with my voice, even unto God with my voice, and He gave hear unto me.”

Twice the Psalmist says he cried out to God with his voice. The Father wants to hear from you.

That’s a reason we’re on this prayer coaching series together. If you’ve been with us from the start, you’ve assessed your current prayer life and daydreamed about your ideal one. Next, you’ll think about the obstacles keeping you from the prayer life you want to have.

But before you do, think about this: Jesus prayed a lot.

Jesus was the Son of God but was stripped of divine power (Philippians 2). Jesus was the Son of God but was tempted in every way (Hebrews 4:15). Jesus was the Son of God but tethered himself to the Father (John 5:19). Jesus prayed like his life depended on it, and when it came time to give up his life, prayer ushered him to the cross (Matthew 26:39).

Since prayer was so vital to Jesus, shouldn’t it be so vital to us?

One of the things you learn about Jesus if you pay attention to his prayer life in the Bible is that Jesus prioritized prayer. Even when he’s in high demand, when his work is in full swing, when he’s getting the crowds, Jesus sneaks away to pray. There are crowds waiting for him and Jesus has hidden himself in the face of the Father.

Jesus is busy, but he’s busied himself with the Father. It’s quite beautiful. Why has Jesus prioritized prayer over other things? Because of the outcomes of prayer.

If you consider the possible outcomes of prayer—and there are many—they can be summarized into three chief outcomes: closeness with the Father, confidence in God’s will, and Christlikeness.

  • Closeness with the Father – an ongoing intimacy with the Father that is exciting, refreshing, and full of trust and hope
  • Confidence in God’s Will – a steady confidence in knowing God’s will as you get to know him
  • Christlikeness – a growing resemblance to Christ as the Holy Spirit transforms you and invites you into the life of Christ

When you understand the chief outcomes of prayer, you realize how indispensable prayer is to everything else. When you realize how indispensable prayer is to everything else, you begin to prioritize prayer over other things.

Even if you’re in high demand and your work is in full swing and you’re getting the crowds, even then, especially then, even when you’re tempted to skip prayer because your day seems too busy, that’s when you need to pray like Jesus did.

Remember the outcomes—closeness, confidence, and Christlikeness.

If you want to do God’s will, you’ve got to prioritize prayer.


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