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Hey Munyay Approved Coaches—we want to showcase your ideas on our blog. You've got wisdom, experience, insight, and stories. We'd like to share them with our readers.

In addition to inspiring, teaching or encouraging our readers, you'll also get your name, bio, and coach listing page in front of them. People buy from those they know, like, and trust. A blog post that connects with readers can begin building trust.

Here are guidelines for blog submissions:

  • Authors are Munyay Approved Coaches
  • Authors have an active listing on the marketplace
  • Blog categories are: personal growth, coaching, strengths, engagement, and company news
  • Preference will be given to coaches who paid for featured listings
  • Post should be 400-600 words long
  • We will notify you in advance of publication
  • We may revise the content for clarity, punctuation, and grammar
  • We may replace the image
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