Top Ten Moments in Sri Lanka & Myanmar (Pictures and video)

I’m back from Sri Lanka and Myanmar. What an awesome time!  Here are my top ten moments from the trip:


Passing out apples to children. What started as $40 of my daughter’s allowance money turned into $1200 thanks to some of you. We handed out big, red apples to everyone. We gave excess money to Pastor Sureshni for the conference. It was exactly what she needed for food, transportation, and other expenses.








Washing a pregnant elephant. In Sri Lanka, we stayed at the Elephant Park Hotel, which is near an elephant orphanage. Each morning the elephants parade down the road to the river, where they bathe. The timing was right for us to catch it, and I stepped into the river and washed the Mama. Watch the Video of the elephant bath.



prophesyingProphesying over people for hours. In Sri Lanka, the people at the conference really wanted to hear a specific word from God for them. So we prayed and prophesied for 5 1/2 hours straight. In Myanmar, we did the same, but only for about two hours at a time. It was exhilarating and already we have heard great testimonies of God speaking and confirming.






baptismBaptizing 30 people into new life with Christ. Being baptized with water is a major thing in Myanmar. It signifies turning from the old way of life and turning toward Christ. It means turning from centuries-old tradition to the revolution of Jesus. It means entering persecution.




cs_timothy-gradSpeaking at the graduation of Timothy and ten others
.  Our family sponsors Timothy, a student at the seminary. I was blessed to not only see, but speak at his graduation. Timothy was sent by his village elder to Buddhist monk school when he was in fourth grade. But there was no room at the school and Timothy was hundreds of miles from home. He went on the street. An orphanage worker brought him to his orphanage, where he got food, schooling, and a bed, and eventually, Timothy became a Christian. His village doesn’t have a Bible in their language, so Timothy wants one day to translate it.

203Spending time with Pastor Roy and Evelyn. We flew our friends from the Philippines to Myanmar in order to spend time with them, inspire vision, and provide rest from their busy ministry. But Roy caught us on fire with his passionate preaching and praying. It was the first time he preached fully in English and he did great. Being together renewed our sense of mission to the Philippines and set some dreaming into motion.

kids_worshippingPraying for 125 people to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The theme of the conference in Myanmar was, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” The thing is, God never intended us to do this alone. That’s why he gave the gift of the Holy Spirit, that we would receive power to be witnesses when the Holy Spirit comes upon us. This is why Jesus urged his disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they received the gift the Father had promised–the Holy Spirit. Everyone flocked to the stage when we asked if they wanted to receive the Holy Spirit. Some cried, some stood at attention, some worshipped. Watch the Video of kids worshipping.

IMG_0005Visiting Pastor Jacob’s grave. In Sri Lanka, the first thing we did after being picked up by Pastor Sureshni, was to visit her husband’s grave. Jacob was our friend and host when we visited Sri Lanka seven years ago. But Jacob died in 2011 after a long bout of kidney failure weakened him and he died of bronchitis. More than 3,000 people came to his three day funeral. His wife, Sureshni, continued the ministry is doing an awesome job.






a_875032841_p_996476940810680000_200_fsReleasing the prophetic word in Sri Lanka. One night in 2011, I got a voicemail from Sureshni. She said, “Pastor Jacob is in intensive care, it’s very serious, please pray.” I went to my knees to pray for healing, but the LORD said, “Jacob is going to die.” I thought that must not be God, so I tried again. Again he said, “Jacob is going to die.” And he continued, “But it’s better this way.” He shared some more things with me, I wrote it down, and I waited for the day to share it live in Sri Lanka. When I stood at Jacob’s old pulpit and told this story, I cried, not only at missing a great man, but also in a joy fulfilled.

cs prayingPreaching and praying corporately ten times in nine days. Whether it was a church service, a conference session, or the seminary graduation, God was faithful to show me what to say. There’s a side of me that not many people know, unless you were on the trip this year. It’s Chris the Preacher. I hope he shows his face more often. And it’s Chris the Pray-er. One of the seminary teachers said I have a gift of prayer. I’ve never heard of this before, but that’s a great thing to be known for. May I walk in a manner worthy of my calling. Watch the Video of praying for people.


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