Three Critical Questions About Christ (Part 3)

mosaic of jesus

Now we get to the third and final question in this series on Christ.

We’ve already considered, “How often do I think on Jesus?” and “How often do I tell Jesus what I think of him?” We also made a Think On Jesus List to help us think about Jesus, and then tell Jesus what we think of him. You could say we’ve looked inward and we’ve looked upward, but now we do something else.

We look outward.

Philemon 6 says,

“I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.”

In this verse, Paul is saying that when we share our faith, we come to understand Christ better. There is something about the telling of the riches of Christ that increases our understanding of Christ. Keep Christ in, and he will only stay so big for you. Let Christ out and he will grow for you.

Isn’t this what we need? For Christ to grow in our lives to be as big as he really is?

mosaic of jesus

When I was growing up, a favorite movie of mine was the Incredible Shrinking Woman about a wife and mother who keeps shrinking right out of sight (but she grows back). It was a fun movie and while I enjoyed the Incredible Shrinking Woman, I fear we have a Gradually Shrinking Christ.

Not that he himself will shrink—how can the King of the Universe shrink?

But rather that he will shrink from our lives because we don’t give him the space and the splendor that his supremacy deserves.

I fear that as our lives get fuller with more things to do and more things to look at, he will get squeezed out until eventually, we won’t even notice he’s gone.

But as our lives mature in Christ, it’s supposed to be the other way around. It was John the Baptist who said,

“He must become greater; I must become less.” (John 3:30)

To guard against this so that Christ grows in your life and you grow into his, Paul says to be active in sharing your faith. When you do, Christ will increase in your understanding.

So the third question is this—“How often do you share Christ with others?”

If you’re spending the time to think on Christ, and then telling Christ what you think of him, it will be easy to share Christ with others. Just tell them what you think of Christ and the good things you have in him. If you begin looking for opportunities to do this, you’ll be amazed at who you can share Christ with.

By the way, I’m not calling you to stand on a street corner and yell Christ to non-believers. And I’m not even saying you should share Christ with a non-believer today. Instead, start with a believer.

Tell a brother or sister in Christ what Christ has done for you. Not as a warm-up, but as the real thing. As the Body of Christ, we should be talking about Christ more among ourselves. Not about movies or sports or spouses or kids. Not even about church. Talk Christ.

And I guarantee you that the situation will present itself to share Christ with a non-believer. And when it does, Christ will have grown in you that you cannot keep him in.

But best of all, he will have expanded to who he really is.

Inward, upward, outward. Happy Resurrection Week!

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