Three Critical Questions About Christ (Part 2)

Do you remember the little exercise I asked you to do last time? I asked you to write down every good thing you have in Christ, for three minutes.

mosaic of jesus

This caused us to reflect on a first question, “How often do I think on Jesus?

But now we consider a second question.

About nine months ago I did something out of my comfort zone. I invited a group of men to my house to tell them they there important to me. One by one, I looked each in the eye and gave word to our relationship. I wanted to celebrate men who were important to me.

Yeah, it was scary being this vulnerable but at the same time refreshing to be so honest about how I felt toward them. I wasn’t the only one who cried. So this got me thinking about my relationship with Jesus.

A while later I was out to lunch with one of these men. He had been a Christian for a long time and not only that, involved in Christian leadership. I asked him, “How often do you tell Jesus you love him?” He looked back at me like bunnies were crawling out of my ears and asked, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, when it’s just you and him, how often do you tell Jesus you love him?”

He didn’t have an answer.

mosaic of jesus

A few weeks before I challenged you to the three-minute exercise, my wife and I did it. After we made our “Think On Jesus Lists,” we turned them into prayer points. Then we took turns telling Jesus what we thought of him, using the points from our lists as the content of our prayers.

For example, on my list of good things I have in Christ was, “adoption as a permanent son.” So I turned that point into a prayer, “Jesus, you have adopted me into the family of God and now I have all the rights of a son of God. Thank you for making me a permanent son in God’s family. Without you I wouldn’t have a forever family, but because of you, I do.”

Then my wife went.

And we rotated like this for quite some time—her and me telling Jesus what we thought of him. And it was refreshing to be so honest about how we felt toward him.

We even told him we loved him.

This brings us to the second question, “How often do you tell Jesus what you think of him?”

This is the natural result of thinking on Jesus. The more we think on Jesus, the more we can tell Jesus what we think of him. And even if it’s not all rosy and sweet, it’s still okay—Jesus can take it.

Truth is, Jesus already knows who he is. He doesn’t suffer from an inferiority complex or an identity crisis. But telling Jesus what we think of him is important because it’s the question we each must answer.

At the end of our lives, Jesus will ask each of us the question – WHO DO YOU SAY THAT I AM? No great amount of good we may have done or our depth of church-going pedigree or even the horrors of unspeakable suffering we may have endured will override our answer to that question.

That is the question, the only question that matters, the question that all of earth hinges upon, and history is bent around, the question that clarifies the purpose of humanity in all its various shades.

So we might as well start answering that question to get ready for it.

Not only for the time of death, but so we may now live…really live. 

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