Three Critical Questions About Christ (Part 1)

mosaic of jesus

A few months ago, I met a man named David Bryant. He has a deep, penetrating voice that is probably how an Old Testament prophet would have sounded, although it’s not as much the sound and rhythm of his voice that is so penetrating, but his words. There is power, truth, and gravitas behind them. He’s speaking the words of God.

David’s current work is to lead what he calls Christ Institutes in order to spark Christ Awakenings all over the world. I have to say—he’s done that for me. Since meeting David, my walk with Christ hasn’t been the same. This is my thirtieth year of being a Christian, but I’ve concluded I hardly know Jesus, who is the author of my faith, who is my Savior, who is the Christ in Christianity.

So I’ve been asking myself three questions, and I wonder if you’d ask yourself the same.

But first, let’s do a little exercise.

1. Grab a pen, paper, and three-minute timer. Don’t read ahead until you get them.

2. Set your timer to three minutes and set up your materials.

3. Now, for three minutes write down every good thing you have in Christ.

4. Start the timer and GO!

[Three minutes pass]

Okay, how did it go? Were you able to write for three minutes?

When I did this exercise, I got stuck at 2:30. My mind went blank and I couldn’t think of any more. That was telling me something was wrong.

You see, I would have no problem writing for three minutes on topics I’m passionate and knowledgeable about – marketing, adoption, prayer, my wife. But I couldn’t write for three minutes on my LORD?

That’s a problem, which brings us to the first question:

How often do I think on Jesus?

mosaic of jesus

This exercise evidenced that I don’t think on Jesus very often. If I did, then writing on Jesus for three minutes would have been a snap. But it wasn’t.

In David Bryant’s meetings, he asks people to talk about Jesus for three minutes, and you know what? Very few people can. These aren’t non-believers, these are believers. These are Christians who bear the very name of Christ, folks for whom Christ is supposed to be their life.

Perhaps we don’t know Jesus enough because we don’t think on Him enough.

I’ve turned my three-minute list into my “Think On Jesus List.” I pull it out and just think on each line for a bit. Each marvelous and weighty line that describes the good things I have in Christ. And when I do, Jesus becomes even closer to me, and even larger in my view, and I feel sometimes as though I’d burst at his wonderful name.

A name I hardly know. (We’ll get to the second question next time.)

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