Speaker Lineup Announced for Christ Talks

On Saturday, April 23, from 9:00 – 12:30, we’re going to feast on Christ. The event is called Christ Talks, like TED Talks, but about Christ. Ten speakers are going to help us see Christ the way they see Christ as a result of their unique journeys. There will also be times for audience questions and responses.

As the facilitator of Christ Talks, I’ve been coaching each of the speakers. I have to say – I feel spoiled to have had the privilege of reading each talk. I’ve been moved deeply by the experiences they’ve shared in their pursuit of Jesus. And moved deeper still by the person of Christ who has been revealed through them.

After reading the rough drafts, I already feel full of Christ but want more. And more we shall have at Christ Talks. You are warmly invited to bring yourself and others. The event is free and is at Calvary Harvest Fields.

The talks will be videotaped and posted at the Christ Talks page, where you can read more about Christ Talks and view videos from Christ Talks Youngstown.

But here’s the lineup of speakers (times are approximate) for this Saturday:


9:00 – Welcome, call to worship, introductory comments

Group 1

9:20 – Talk #1 Steve Lutz

9:30 – Talk #2 Jo Ann Foley-DeFiore

9:40 – Talk #3 Laura Booz

9:50 – Audience questions and responses for Group 1

Group 2

10:15 – Talk #4 Lynn Hensel

10:25 – Talk #5 Chris Heinz

10:35 – Talk #6 Chizuruoke Anderson

10:45 – Audience questions and responses for Group 2

Group 3

11:10 – Talk #7 Mike Alles

11:20 – Talk #8 Kendra Gettig

11:30 – Talk #9 Chris Grella

11:40 – Talk #10 Yuhui (Millie) Zhou

11:50 – Audience questions and responses for Group 3


12:15 – Prayer for Christ Awakening, closing thoughts

12:30 – Dismiss



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