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I received an email from our good friend and partner in the Philippines, Pastor Roy Malpas.

Of the places in the Philippines where we know people, it seems that Masbate was hit the hardest. Masbate was where we held the crusade in August.


Here is some of Pastor Roy’s email:

This Sunday morning, the church was full of tears. All of them were safe, but some of them lost their houses. The church building itself got a partial damage, it’s just made of bamboo but it can be fixed easily. In the house of my sister-in-law where my three daughters live, the kitchen was totally removed by the blowing of heavy and mighty wind. One church member’s house at the top of the mountain was picked up and thrown upside down a distance away; it’s totally wrecked. Now everyone’s dry rice is ruined and cannot be cooked and the water they drink is brown in color due to the muddy floods going to the wells. Only the rich people can buy and go to market.

Would you help the relief effort in Masbate? Let them know people around the world care about them. Roy and his team will provide help where needed in Masbate.All donations are tax deductible. Thank you.


Here’s a short video of Pastor Roy and me after the Masbate crusade:

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