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Do you want to pray for your child, but can’t get momentum? Do you make plans, but fail to follow through? Let us help you give your kids what they need–a praying parent.

In the recording, we cover:

    • the real purpose of parenting
    • how to overflow with God as you parent
    • tapping into God’s resources
    • passing down prayer as a legacy

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Note: This post covers our Philippines Crusade in August 2013. I hope you’ll take the time to look at the pictures, watch the videos, and read the words. We filmed a five-minute video recap the morning after.

Some walked three miles each way from the mountains.

Some were pregnant, some carried babies, some were very old. But that didn’t stop them.

On the way to, there was light. But not on the way back. On the way back, it was dark.

Dark and rainy. This was the rainy season. But that didn’t stop them either.

About 1,500 people live in the village of Bat-Ongan in the province of Masbate.

Masbate is an island located in the center of the Philippines. Geographically, it’s sort of the heart of the nation.

Bat-Ongan is a rural village. Pastor Roy’s extended family lives there, and he started a church there.

From my perspective, it’s a difficult place to live. There is much poverty there. The people rejoiced at the new sandals we gave them. And when we passed out Bibles, you would have thought they were gold. For some, it was the first Bible they ever owned, like this woman:

One family’s story really touched me. Torn by tragedy, they are moving forward. I just wish it was a little easier for them.

Here they are.

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Has God’s Power changed you tonight? People respond during the Bat-Ongan Gospel Crusade in Masbate, Philippines in August 2013.

What is the Gospel?

Chris Heinz —  August 25, 2013 — Leave a comment

The good news is that while we are lost, God finds us so we can be part of God’s family forever. Preaching from the gospel crusade in Bat-Ongan, Masbate, Philippines in August 2013.

Praying in Tongues is one of the 12 prayer types I cover in “Made To Pray.” It’s also probably the most controversial.

When I was writing the book, I was told by an industry expert that publishers and bookstores would reject it because tongues was in it. Some have and some will. But I decided to include tongues anyway because I believe it’s as valid a prayer type as say, praise or petition. No one would dream of removing those.

Plus the Apostle Paul wrote, “I thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you” (1 Corinthians 14:18). If it was good enough for Paul, shouldn’t it be good enough for us?

There’s a lot of confusion about tongues.

One of the most popular articles on my website is “Ten Myths About Speaking in Tongues.” Web searches are done almost daily on the topic. When I’ve spoken on the subject of tongues in churches, there’s a wave of bewilderment when I say there are three types of tongues in the New Testament.

Well, we can’t cover everything about tongues, but here’s a start.

In this video interview, I talk with Becky Spencer about how praying in tongues is helping her in the tragic loss of her grandson, Honor.

We cover these questions:

  1. How is praying in tongues helping you in this challenging season?
  2. When did you start praying in tongues?
  3. Why do you think this type of prayer is so controversial?

If you’d like to learn more about tongues, I encourage you to order Made To Pray.

What do you think about praying in tongues? You can comment by clicking here.

About Becky Spencer

Becky is a homeschooling mom of eight kids, wife of husband Tracy of 36 years, author, speaker, worship leader, and co-founder of Grand Staff Ministries, which ministers to children in Swaziland, Africa.

Her books are “When Prince Charming Falls off His Horse…and you’ve become his nag,” “Leapin’ Lizards…another other leaps of faith,” and “Bigger than Me: Finding a Strong Enough Reason to Eat Right for Life.” Her musical albums are “Empty” and “Tears of a Clown.”

Learn more about Becky’s ministry, books, and music at

Nothing in your life is stronger than the love of God–not lust, pride, bitterness, sin, nothing. From CS Heinz, author of “Made to Pray” at the Chaplain’s Breakfast of the EnergyCAP Catalyst Conference.

God has placed gifts and callings in you that you can activate anytime. That’s your natural potential. But is there a way to exceed your natural potential? Taken from the Chaplain’s Breakfast at the EnergyCAP Catalyst Conference.


Khadija was so touched by Made to Pray that she filmed and submitted this video testimonial on her own, unsolicited by the author. Watch as she shares how God used the book to draw her closer in a very challenging time.

What is Hunger for God?

Chris Heinz —  April 25, 2013 — 3 Comments

Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled” (Matthew 5.6).

What does it mean to be filled by God? It begins with hunger.

I’ve been praying before, and suddenly, everything disappeared. All that mattered was what he said, what he promised. All that mattered was what he did, what he was doing. All that mattered was God.

I was at once like the dark, barren world before it was made, still formless and empty and void. Then slowly and surely there was activity, wind swooshing over water, the Spirit of God. Then a voice and then light and the judgment of goodness; not empty anymore. God filled me, and I could breathe.

I came into a sacred closeness with God and needed to discover him although I had already known him for quite some time. It seemed to be a period of open heavens, and I wanted to swim in it and savor it. Oh how sweet it was, the sweet presence of God. (adapted from Made to Pray)

I let my hunger lead me.

Hunger for God is the longing for God’s presence so that…

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