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That Time I Drove Into A Ditch

Chris Heinz —  September 17, 2014 — 1 Comment

I’ve done some stupid things while visiting my in-laws.

The first time I met Jean and Jeannine, I broke their door, their vacuum cleaner, and dropped their camera in the snow. That night I asked Jean for Colette’s hand in marriage. He answered, “I think you should wait longer.” (By longer, I think he meant forever). Sorry Jean.

At my in-laws house, I’ve caused false 911 calls, fallen off motorcycles, and gotten sick on bike rides, but this one tops them all.

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I’ve been around churches, ministries, and Christian conferences for most of my life, and I’ve had many awesome leaders in that time. One quality was pretty consistent among my leaders—dedication to prayer. They wanted to pray and they wanted us to pray. For that, I’m grateful.

However, there’s one fundamental mistake many of them made about prayer

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Last night we discovered our basement had flooded and everything was sitting in three inches of water.

I don’t know if you’ve experienced a crisis before, but my mind went in different directions–we have to get this water out, we have to save what’s wet, whom should we call, but there’s no time, what if it rains again, our house is going to sink into the abyss, ahhhh!

But then I looked down and floating in the water was this. Hah! My wife and I stopped and prayed. There’s always time for that.

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What Was Floating in Our Basement Water

Although he was the Son of God, Jesus had a clear vision for prayer. The book of Luke gives us a glimpse into Jesus’ prayer life. One particular night after he started his public ministry, Jesus was surrounded by a crowd of people. But he went alone up the mountain and spent the whole night in prayer. The next morning, he acted upon the result of his prayer time—he chose twelve from among the multitude to be his close disciples (Luke 6:12).

Luke 9:18 says Jesus prayed in private. Luke 9:28 says that Jesus took three of his disciples—Peter, James, and John—up a mountain in order to pray. And in Luke 11:1, Jesus was praying near his disciples and after he finished, one of them said, “LORD, teach us to pray.” This disciple had observed Jesus’ vision for prayer and wanted to grow in prayer.

In his classic book about spiritual disciplines called Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster writes, “All who have walked with God have viewed prayer as the main business of their lives.” Do you have a vision for prayer? Would you be the one disciple who says, “LORD, teach us to pray?”

Learning to pray begins with a clear vision for prayer. Here are four helpful ways to think about prayer:

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Here’s a directory of free online tools to help you pray with more purpose, passion, and consistency. There are guides, downloads, videos, live streaming, and more.

As the list grows, we’ll post them at Do you know of a free online tool that should be included? Just fill out the form at the bottom of

If you want to grow in prayer or encourage others to grow, please visit

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When I discovered different ways to pray, I was really excited. Prayer had become stale and stagnant to me, an obligation not an inspiration.

This discovery opened up the heavens. I don’t know if I so much found them as they found me. They were in the Bible the entire time. I just needed eyes to see them.

What does this mean?

-There are lots of possibilities for prayer.
-We don’t have to pray like other people.
-We can find the prayer types that work best for us.
-We can pray our own prayers.

This is what I saw.

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The following is my talk from the prayer breakfast at Cenergistic’s National Training Conference on January 21, 2014. Cenergistic is an energy conservation company that partners with our company, EnergyCAP, Inc.

A shocking thing happened this past Christmas Day, but it can revive the most important conversation of your life.

About a month ago, I began feeling pain in my chest. At first it felt like a pulled muscle, tightness, like a rubber band being asked to stretch beyond its capacity. It was irritating, so I took aspirin and did my best to ignore it. I went to work, did last minute Christmas shopping, attended the Christmas Eve service and had Christmas Day at home.

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She tinkers in her garden.

Your first apartment together has no garden, so she builds one. She brings in soil, spreads it out, and then plants lemon verbena so fragrant you’d think you were inside a lemon, red bee balm that looks like little bursting firecrackers, and a rosemary bush with thick, rich tentacles.

Your lady waters the garden first, then every day after. She spends a lot of time there, until the day you move into a house and she builds another garden.

She plants sunflowers that tower higher than the kids you will raise in that house, red bee balm as a reminder of the days before, and poppies of different shapes and colors. She seems at her best in her garden. She goes there often.

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A Prayer for Help

Chris Heinz —  November 6, 2013 — 5 Comments

God help me right now.

Help me to suffer that which builds, but shun that which destroys.

Help me to see the good that is not clear and the plan that has not been revealed.

Show me what you want to redeem.

Help me to walk in the love that is already in me, perfect love that loves without condition nor the hope of being repaid.

Help me to walk in you, in whom I have my being, and not only walk, but tread and dance and cling and sing.

I’m desperate for you.

Desperate like I need water and air and land beneath my feet and a lover for my soul.

Without you there is no light or love or affection. I need you.

Give me faith that trusts your present work, and when that work becomes sight, give me more faith to trust for more.

You supply faith to the believing and strength to the weary. I’m weary, my God.

Help me to love the ones under my care without reservation or expectation. Help me to see them as you do.

But most of all, help me to see me as you do.


God help me right now.

When my wife was washing dishes after dinner, she sensed God impressing something on her heart.

She should buy flowers for someone—and it had to be that night. Flowers tonight, for whom? She didn’t know, she just knew it had to be then.

Colette left her dishes in the sink and drove to the flower store. Once inside, she thought God wanted her to buy three roses and a card. As Colette paid for them, a particular neighbor came to mind. She hadn’t seen her in a while, but yes, Colette felt very strongly the flowers were for her.

Colette sat inside the car, deciding what to write on the card. She asked God for a message and what she heard was, “I’m well pleased with you,” so she wrote that on the card. Then she drove to the neighbor’s house to deliver the goods.

The neighbor opened the door and Colette handed her the roses and card. Visibly surprised, the neighbor said thank you and quickly shut the door. Wait, there were so many questions. Why flowers? Why her? Why tonight?

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