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Sometimes when we do something for a while, we forget WHY we do it. Anything can go like this—WHY do we eat dinner as a family every night?, WHY do we clean out the gerbil cage every week?, WHY do we go to church every weekend?

Prayer can be like this, too. We can begin to forget WHY we pray. We feel we should pray, but we don’t think about WHY. I suggest when we’re pushed between competing priorities, it would be wise to remember our WHYs.

Here are five of them:

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As we go about our work day, we might learn from an uneducated worker named Brother Lawrence. When Brother Lawrence joined a monastery in Paris in the 1600’s, he wasn’t educated enough to become an official clergyman, so he went about serving in the monastery. For the rest of his life, he worked in the kitchen and repaired sandals. But it was how he went about his work that was remarkable.

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You may have the greatest intentions of praying for your kids intentionally (more than a harried prayer at dinnertime) and consistently (more than when your New Year Resolution resolve runs out), but struggle with following through. If that’s you, I get it, I’m in the club, too!

But failing to follow through doesn’t have to be the end of the story. With some help, we can all pray for our kids with purpose and regularity, whether you have one child or a vanload of them.

Here are 10 tools to help you pray for your kids:

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We love parents. Well, most of them. And by parents, I mean those raising children. You may not be biologically connected or may be a generation away or perhaps don’t live in the same home. But if you have a burden to raise a child, I’m speaking to you.

So I have some questions:

– How many of you let your kids go to school without breakfast?
– How many of you let your kids leave the house in just their underwear?
– Do you ever make them skip a meal?

We wouldn’t neglect these necessities. But do you neglect to pray for your kids?

My purpose is not to make you feel bad about yourself for not praying for your kids more. If it was, I would throw the first stone at myself. Rather, my first goal is to encourage you.

You’re in this crazy profession called parenting, which is pretty thankless, costs you everything, and has no guarantees that your product will turn out good at all.

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Video Recording

Do you want to pray for your child, but can’t get momentum? Do you make plans, but fail to follow through? Let us help you give your kids what they need–a praying parent.

In the recording, we cover:

    • the real purpose of parenting
    • how to overflow with God as you parent
    • tapping into God’s resources
    • passing down prayer as a legacy

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Yesterday at the grocery store, the woman in front of me was taking a very long time to check out. I looked for a shorter line, but you know how it goes—the longer you’re in one line, the more committed you feel to riding it out. So I did.

Then I got nosy. Why was she taking such a long time? I leaned in while trying to act undercover, and then I realized what the holdup was. Miss Slowpoke was choosing which items to take off her bill. She had gone over her budget.

So methodically she picked up each item, inspected it, and pronounced her judgment:

“Canned mushrooms – Keep”
“Electronic toothbrush – Go”
“Mozzarella cheese – Keep”
“Mustache wax – Go”

And so forth. It was painful. But it got me thinking about God, specifically delighting in God in 2015.

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Keep First Things First

Chris Heinz —  December 14, 2014 — 2 Comments

Below is taken from my new book, One-Minute Devotions On Prayer, which is on sale now.

“But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made.” (Luke 10:40)

Jesus visited the home of Mary and Martha of Bethany, and while Mary sat at the feet of Jesus, Martha was, “distracted by all the preparations.” You might say that sitting in the heat of activity is the distraction.

But it’s not. The real distraction is doing that which keeps you from sitting with Jesus. Jesus said what Mary did would not be taken away from her. But he didn’t say the same to Martha.

When anything trumps your devotion to Jesus, it’s fair game to be removed. Nothing is more sacred. Not even service for the sake of Jesus is sacred.

Hurricane Tomas Complicates Haiti's Battle Against Cholera Epidemic

Jesus would rather you sit with him than serve him. He is more jealous for your presence than he is for your service. Can the same be said about you? Are you more jealous for God’s presence than what he can do for you?

The one who listens for God has trained her heart to be satisfied in him. It is then that she can be trusted with ministry because the ministry has not become her life. Instead, it will be performed in gratitude and humility because Jesus has become her life. It’s the right way: Jesus first and then everything else. Not everything else and then Jesus.

Let’s pray: “Jesus, I want you to trust me with ministry but never want ministry to take first place. Help me to keep you in first place.”

Keep Prayer Simple

Chris Heinz —  November 17, 2014 — Leave a comment

The following is from my upcoming book, One-Minute Devotions on Prayer:

“And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they’ll be heard because of their many words.” (Matthew 6:7)

When teaching about prayer, Jesus instructs us to keep prayer simple. But how easy it is to complicate! We worry about placing the “right” words in the “right” places, saying holy statements that sound good, not praying for too long or too short—oh my, what’s the right amount of time?

And as a result, we stress about prayer like we’re being judged by our performance. But all along, Jesus wants us to keep our prayers simple. He’s not impressed by bigger words, longer prayers, or professional-sounding speech. And he’s not turned off by our ums, uhs or stutters. Why?

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I recently participated in the National Prayer Assembly hosted by America’s National Prayer Committee and was asked to lead prayer for emerging leaders. I think of an emerging leader as one whom God is lining up to lead. It’s not a distinction of chronological age, but rather the work of God–children and youth can be emerging leaders as well as older people. It depends on whom God is in the midst of preparing to release into leadership.

We must be praying for these people now. Here are seven things to pray for emerging leaders:

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“The will of the one who sent us is that we be the one who was sent. What we do is meant to be lived out of the context of discovering and becoming the person we are.” (Robert Benson, Between the Dreaming and the Coming True)

Mount Nittany is the highest place in our city. When I look across the valley from up there, I see homes, businesses, and schools; I see bars, streets, and stadiums; and I see cars on the highway and planes in the sky. And I wonder about the peoples’ lives.

How many want something more? How many go to church, but sit quietly in their pews, have given up on reaching their neighbors, and simply work their jobs and go home to watch television? They don’t go beyond their own lives and their families.

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