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My daughter and I are back from the Philippines and here’s a report of what happened. From the outset, I need to say how thankful I am for this opportunity. Thank you to the folks who supported the trip with prayer and with finances. We could not have accomplished what we did if not for your help. So in this way, we have become partners together. Our fruit is your fruit. Our joy is your joy. Our mission has become your mission. Thank you.

This trip carried three main purposes—to speak and pray for people at a variety of ministry events, to make improvements to our student sponsorship program, and to enjoy a meaningful trip between father and daughter. Thank you Jesus, we accomplished all three in an abundant manner!

In case you don’t want to read all this, here’s how I end: In summary, we saw God’s active hand on so many parts of the trip. He filled my mouth when I needed him to, he brought a harvest of souls, he used the Body of Christ in powerful ways, he exalted Jesus to the highest place, he knit together the Church for this mission, and he planted special things in my daughter’s heart that will flower in unexpected ways. We stayed healthy the entire time. We return home more in love with Jesus, more convinced of our next steps, and grateful to have a role in the Father’s great design. Thank you, Philippines, for welcoming and receiving us. Thank you, supporters, for your faith, support, and confidence. Thank you, LORD, for using us. Now for the glory of God the Father we give thee praise.

Here are pictures, video, and commentary:

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In May 2016, a few of us are going for ten days to the Philippines. I wanted to tell you in case you may be interested in coming. There are a few reasons we’re going to: 1) serve an orphanage and ministry base that houses about 100 people; 2) speak at an evangelistic youth camp; 3) reach out to the Tondo slum community in Manila; and 4) catch a vision for the kingdom of Jesus in another part of the world.

When I’ve been among Christians in developing countries, I’ve always come away with a stronger love for Jesus, a tightening of my sense of kingdom purpose, and a passion for his work among the nations. I believe if the Father wants you to go, this trip will be no different for you. He may even do more!

Try worshipping with other believers in the slums. Try praying with them. Try looking into their eyes. Your heart will be moved by these precious people who want to grow more in love and knowledge of King Jesus every day.

Or let the children pray for you. Let them amaze you by their heartfelt worship. Let them inspire you by their abounding joy. Some of their back stories would make you cry, but who they’ve become will make you exalt the One who has redeemed them.

I believe a trip like this will move you forward in Christ, will ignite more passion for him, and will help you better understand your place in his plan. So if the Father may be calling you to join us, let’s talk. Email me at to start the conversation.

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The boy with the waxen leg

Chris Heinz —  September 29, 2015 — 1 Comment

On Thursday, Jemar is having surgery. It’s an amazing story how he got to this point.

You may remember Jemar from my trip to the Philippines in May. I met him in Masbate, which is a small island about an hour’s flight from Manila.

Jemar had a bad infection in his leg, so I snapped a photo, and when I returned to the big island, I showed a missionary friend.

A group of doctors were at the missionary base that day, and after examining the picture, said he must get to a hospital in Manila right away.

I asked the LORD, “How would he get to Manila?” We had $26 in our ministry bank account. Then…

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Well, we’re at the end of our series on Joy.

We’ve covered four spectacular reasons to have joy as a Christian: an unshakeable Kingdom, a supreme LORD, a secure Inheritance, and God’s imperishable Word.

But there’s a fifth reason…

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I recently spoke to two groups of people about “five reasons to have joy as a Christian.” One was for a church in Masbate, Philippines. The other was for our local church in State College, PA. The message was received so well that I decided to share them with you here.

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There’s no easy internet connection in Masbate, so this report is a few days late. I’m actually sitting at my gate in Detroit ready to make the last flight home.

Our early flight from Manila landed us in Masbate at 6 AM, where we went from the airport to the motel, but along the way made some stops where church members greeted us with flags and banners.

From there we took a boat to a village.

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Another Day in Tondo

Chris Heinz —  May 11, 2015 — 2 Comments

Note: If you missed my first post about the church in the garbage dump, you can read it here.
Today we spent about four hours in Tondo. Pastor Roy took us around to student’s homes that a few of us sponsor.

It is very hard to describe what those homes are like. There is no running water, no electricity, no bathroom. I asked Pastor Roy what they do for the bathroom. For number two, they ask the other family members to leave the room and they put a paper on the ground, go on top of it, then in Pastor Roy’s words, “wrap it up like a present” and throw it away (don’t give me that gift!). For number one, the women go in a can and dump it outside. Men go outside.

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Agnes had just returned from the morning prayer meeting when she got my email saying help was on the way. Agnes is Pastor Roy’s administrator.

Hello Pastor Chris, praise God of the help. We’re encouraged to do our mission as we see many people giving donations. Thank God. It’s morning watch prayer meeting. God answers prayer, He’s so good to us.

(I’m wiring the money at 3 PM ET today, so please donate if you’d like to.)

Here’s an excerpt from chapter one in Made To Pray. It seems appropriate in this Philippine typhoon and also because it’s National Adoption Awareness month.

You don’t know when you’ll return to this part of the world, so you walk the streets near your hotel. You watch the people, take in the smells. It’s so different from home. Water has finally receded from the rain. The wet ground is starting to dry. You missed the storm by just days. You wonder how they’ll recover. It seems unfair that so many storms have come.

Different colored trash litters the ground; your eyes are drawn to it. There’s green glass and brown glass and blue glass. There are sheets of tin and wet cardboard, loose paper strewn about. Shoeless and dirty children waddle around. They pick out trash as toys. They find a tire, roll it to each other and laugh. You can’t decide to smile or cry.

What’s that on the ground?

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Help the Philippines

Chris Heinz —  November 11, 2013 — Leave a comment

I received an email from our good friend and partner in the Philippines, Pastor Roy Malpas.

Of the places in the Philippines where we know people, it seems that Masbate was hit the hardest. Masbate was where we held the crusade in August.


Here is some of Pastor Roy’s email:

This Sunday morning, the church was full of tears. All of them were safe, but some of them lost their houses. The church building itself got a partial damage, it’s just made of bamboo but it can be fixed easily. In the house of my sister-in-law where my three daughters live, the kitchen was totally removed by the blowing of heavy and mighty wind. One church member’s house at the top of the mountain was picked up and thrown upside down a distance away; it’s totally wrecked. Now everyone’s dry rice is ruined and cannot be cooked and the water they drink is brown in color due to the muddy floods going to the wells. Only the rich people can buy and go to market.

Would you help the relief effort in Masbate? Let them know people around the world care about them. Roy and his team will provide help where needed in Masbate.All donations are tax deductible. Thank you.


Here’s a short video of Pastor Roy and me after the Masbate crusade:

Note: This post covers our Philippines Crusade in August 2013. I hope you’ll take the time to look at the pictures, watch the videos, and read the words. We filmed a five-minute video recap the morning after.

Some walked three miles each way from the mountains.

Some were pregnant, some carried babies, some were very old. But that didn’t stop them.

On the way to, there was light. But not on the way back. On the way back, it was dark.

Dark and rainy. This was the rainy season. But that didn’t stop them either.

About 1,500 people live in the village of Bat-Ongan in the province of Masbate.

Masbate is an island located in the center of the Philippines. Geographically, it’s sort of the heart of the nation.

Bat-Ongan is a rural village. Pastor Roy’s extended family lives there, and he started a church there.

From my perspective, it’s a difficult place to live. There is much poverty there. The people rejoiced at the new sandals we gave them. And when we passed out Bibles, you would have thought they were gold. For some, it was the first Bible they ever owned, like this woman:

One family’s story really touched me. Torn by tragedy, they are moving forward. I just wish it was a little easier for them.

Here they are.

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