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I mentioned before about working on a series of devotions for kids. My 12 year-old daughter and I wrote them together.

We’re happy to say the first batch is out. The “Kids Daily Christ Reader” is a series of 30 devotions to help kids see Christ for ALL he is.

What’s different about these readings is that we’re trying to help kids see who Jesus IS NOW and what he’s DOING NOW.

Unless we parents and teachers are careful, then our kids can see Jesus as only a:

– Mere human who was born, helped people, and died
– Great teacher with good stories but little relevance for now
– Savior envisioned as still hanging on the cross
– Once-risen Lord with minimal power or authority today
– Soon-coming king who is not a currently active king

But there’s so much more to who Jesus is. These readings may even help adults; God knows they’ve helped me.

You can get the “Kids Daily Christ Reader” by clicking below.

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Sometimes being a parent gets me all dizzy and frazzled.

There are so many things to focus on – meeting physical needs, acting as referee between the kids, staying current on schoolwork and extracurriculars, giving them skills for life. On top of that, it would be nice to have fun together.

But Galatians 4:19 reminds me what’s most important as a Christian parent.

The Apostle Paul writes, “My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you, how I wish I could be with you…”

So despite the daily urgencies that demand attention, what is utmost is to form Christ in my kids.

I have prayed on occasion for God to raise my kids in Christ and you know what I sensed Him saying back?

“You do it, they’re your kids.”

This is the aim of Christian parenting – to form, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, Christ in our kids.

With Christ as their Lord, they’ll have ALL they need; and with Christ as their Affection, they’ll have ALL they want; and with Christ as their King, they’ll have the right ambitions.

As a parent, this brings me peace.

If you have ideas on how to form Christ in our kids, I’d love to hear from you.

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You may have the greatest intentions of praying for your kids intentionally (more than a harried prayer at dinnertime) and consistently (more than when your New Year Resolution resolve runs out), but struggle with following through. If that’s you, I get it, I’m in the club, too!

But failing to follow through doesn’t have to be the end of the story. With some help, we can all pray for our kids with purpose and regularity, whether you have one child or a vanload of them.

Here are 10 tools to help you pray for your kids:

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Do you ever get overwhelmed with parenting tasks?

What seems urgent gets your attention–carpooling, laundry, cub scouts, teaching kids about finances, just keeping the kids alive–but what’s important takes a back seat. Sure, these all seem very urgent at the time. But I’d say they’re not most important (except for maybe keeping the kids alive…and even that’s debatable). What’s most important gets at the real the purpose of parenting.

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We love parents. Well, most of them. And by parents, I mean those raising children. You may not be biologically connected or may be a generation away or perhaps don’t live in the same home. But if you have a burden to raise a child, I’m speaking to you.

So I have some questions:

– How many of you let your kids go to school without breakfast?
– How many of you let your kids leave the house in just their underwear?
– Do you ever make them skip a meal?

We wouldn’t neglect these necessities. But do you neglect to pray for your kids?

My purpose is not to make you feel bad about yourself for not praying for your kids more. If it was, I would throw the first stone at myself. Rather, my first goal is to encourage you.

You’re in this crazy profession called parenting, which is pretty thankless, costs you everything, and has no guarantees that your product will turn out good at all.

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Video Recording

Do you want to pray for your child, but can’t get momentum? Do you make plans, but fail to follow through? Let us help you give your kids what they need–a praying parent.

In the recording, we cover:

    • the real purpose of parenting
    • how to overflow with God as you parent
    • tapping into God’s resources
    • passing down prayer as a legacy

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