What’s Getting in Your Way?

Coach Me To Pray: #6

The Bible says, “Be strong in the LORD and in his mighty power.” (Eph 6:10) If something’s worth doing, something else is going to jump in your way. Expect it. It’s rare that anything of value comes without a fight. You might say that salvation and grace come freely, but that’s not true. Do you […]

The Chief Outcomes of Prayer

Coach Me To Pray: #5

If you want to do God’s will, you’ve got to prioritize prayer. There are some things from God you can’t learn by reading them or listening to others; they come by personal experience alone, experiencing God like only you can. And the way to experience God like only you can is to pray with your […]

What’s Your “Dream” Prayer Life?

Coach Me To Pray: #4

Psalm 84 says, “How lovely is your dwelling place, O LORD Almighty.” So you may have dreams for different parts of your life—your dream marriage, your dream children, your dream friends, your dream job, your dream house, your dream body, your dream bank account, your dream retirement. We could go on. But let me ask […]

This Is the Key to Life

Coach Me To Pray: #3

We’re in this series on taking a coach approach to prayer. Last week you answered some questions about your prayer life. This week I’m going to share something personal. Usually a coach doesn’t divulge much about his own life—the coach approach is all about the client. But the point is worth making, and the story […]

Faith Friday: Does Engagement Apply To Churches?

Note: By request of our blog readers, on Friday we answer reader-submitted questions from a faith perspective. If you’re not interested, no worries, just skip the post. To submit a question, you can post a comment or contact me. We’ve written previously about employee engagement within the workplace. This reader wonders if the same principles […]

August Roundup: Most Read and Shared Blog Posts and Quotes

A month ago, I restarted this blog to keep in step with my career change. I had joined the human resources and coaching professions and wanted to share what I was learning. Regardless of where you work—an office, on the road, at home, at a church—your work is a significant part of your life. My […]