August Roundup: Most Read and Shared Blog Posts and Quotes

A month ago, I restarted this blog to keep in step with my career change. I had joined the human resources and coaching professions and wanted to share what I was learning. Regardless of where you work—an office, on the road, at home, at a church—your work is a significant part of your life. My goal is to help you love your work.

Here are the most read, most shared, and top quotes from August.

First, in case you missed any, here’s a rundown of the month’s posts according to category:


Hello Again
If This Is Missing, You Need to Find It
Giving Employees A Home
8 Big Benefits Of Establishing A Role And Outcome Statement For Every Employee


When You Call Out Talent In Someone
7 Kinds of Strengths Within You
How StrengthsFinder Changed My Life


The Epidemic of the American Workforce
8 Things Employees Expect At Work


What Happens In A Coaching Session?
5 Reasons People Want Coaching
6 Myths of Professional Coaching


Faith Friday: Is My Job The Same As My Calling?

Most Viewed

Here are the most viewed blog posts along with their publish date:

  1. 5 Reasons People Want Coaching (8/25)
  2. 8 Things Employees Expect At Work (8/31)
  3. How StrengthsFinder Changed My Life (8/30)

Most Shared

Here are the most shared posts on Facebook and LinkedIn along with the number of shares today:

  1. 8 Things Employees Expect At Work (132 shares)
  2. 5 Reasons People Want Coaching (102 shares)
  3. Hello Again (55 shares)

Top Quotes

Here are the top quotes from blog posts written in August. Quotes with no attribution are mine.

“In a way, your work is your life. If you’re not happy with how you’re spending it, change the way you work.” (Read post)

“The single greatest strength is to uncover someone’s talent they hasn’t seen before.” -Tom Rath (Read post)

“When employees can say, “I know why I’m here,” it’s like giving them a home.” (Read post)

“Professional coaching should be affordable and accessible to everyone who wants it.” (Read post)

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.” -Howard Thurman (Read post)

“From powerful questions come new perspectives, unexplored possibilities, and unhinged insights.” (Read post)

“Whether employee expectations are top-of-mind or deeper down, they’re changing today’s workplace.” (Read post)

“Become more of who you already are.” -Donald Clifton (Read post)

Thank You

Thank you for reading and sharing. We’re looking forward to a great September!

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