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Khadija: God touched me powerfully

Paula: Great for getting God in your life

Made to Pray is a great read with a lot of practical advice for getting God in your life. Different ways to pray are described in detail; each with a biblical icon and useful examples of ways to think about prayer and its different forms and functions. Prayer life is looked at in a whole new way with reflection questions and tips for embracing your life while developing and enjoying prayer time as you cultivate your relationship with God and your heavenly purpose.

Jack: Exactly what I needed

WOW, what a book. I’m only on chapter 5 and you have me in my prayer room that I lived in some 15 years ago. Back in 1988 God convicted me to go to my home office every morning except Sunday and sit before him and wait on Him. I did this for months and it was amazing. So, today I went to my office and sat there waiting for God to speak. I didn’t hear Him speak but I will be back tomorrow and every day. This is exactly what I needed. I thank God for your book and obedience.

Sheri: Re-engaged and refocused

I wanted to thank you for your book. Even though I consider myself a seasoned intercessor, your book helped me re-engage and refocus on praying during a very difficult time in my life. It helped me return to fundamental basics in strategizing how to pray. Thanks so much for your insight!

Ellen: I’m loving it

I am nearly done with Made To Pray and am loving it. You are an excellent writer and teacher. I love the way it is organized and how it flows from topic to topic. You were very creative in the ideas and the illustrations. God has certainly given you a gift and has a ministry for you in all this. Good idea with the summaries in the tweets at the end of each chapter and the discussion questions. God bless you in deepening your walk and understanding and wisdom!

Ben: A fantastic book

I finished Made To Pray in a day, I couldn’t put this book down. This book was a breath of fresh air in my life. Chris has a prose that is easy to read, straight forward and fun. He deals with some pretty heavy stuff in a way that makes you wonder why you ever felt it was heavy to begin with. This book takes big topics and serious fundamental truths and breaks them into bite-sized chunks making it easy to connect with and apply. Chris weaves scripture into all of his pages bringing real validity to what he says and he doesn’t do it in a way that feels preachy. I am really glad to have read this book, it will be one that I come back to time and again.

Jana: Awesome book

It’s a must read for anyone that is a believer in Jesus Christ. Learning to improve your effectiveness in communication with people is no doubt valuable. Made To Pray teaches you how to have a more fulfilling, effective and personal conversation with God! Now that’s an awesome and valuable book.

Kathleen: Never to old to learn

Made To Pray is opening up my mind to a fresh new way to commune with my Father. Everyone needs to read, enjoy and practice what Chris Heinz has shared.

Sara & Marc: What a great read

This is a great book that examines 12 different types of prayer. The author shares a personal story for each prayer type and then shares a character in the bible who used this prayer type. Each type discusses what it is (and in some cases, what it isn’t). I’d recommend taking the online prayer assessment to know what type(s) of prayer you naturally gravitate toward – that allows a more “personal” feel to the book so you’re able to really read about your types!

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