Prayer Assessment

The prayer assessment is the starting point of finding your best prayer types. It’s a companion to the book, “Made To Pray” by Chris Heinz. We recommend that you take the assessment first and then read the book.


About the Assessment

The assessment is a series of statements about your prayer life. You’ll read each statement, then select an answer that most closely relates. After 60 statements, you’ll have the option of stopping or going on. If you stop, you’ll receive your results immediately. If you go on, you’ll receive 60 more statements, then the results. The 60-statement version takes less time, but the longer one might be more accurate.

Please keep in mind this is not a scientific assessment. While it has been tested by over 100 people for usability, content clarity, and accuracy of results, the assessment is not hard science. It is meant to assist you in finding the types of prayer that work best for you. The assessment is also intended to be used alongside the book.

Taking the Assessment

The assessment consists of a series of statements followed by five choices. Your job is to select the choice that most closely relates to the statement about your prayer life. Do not answer as you wish things were; answer as things currently are.

For example:

I’m okay with asking God for the same things over and over again.

  • Don’t Identify At All: this is never true for you
  • Seldom or Mostly Do Not Identify: this is mostly never true for you
  • Sometimes or Partially Identify: this is sometimes true for you
  • Usually or Mostly Identify: this is usually true for you
  • Always Identify: this is always true for you

After you complete the assessment, you can view the results page. The maximum score for each prayer type is 120 points for the longer version and 60 points for the shorter one.

After the Assessment

On the results page, your top prayer types will be highlighted. Scores for all of the prayer types will also be displayed.

You can share your results via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail. Simply use the controls on the screen. If you entered your e-mail address, you’ll also receive your results via e-mail. If you do not receive an e-mail from, please check your junk or spam folder.

After taking the assessment, read the book to compare your results with the chapters. The assessment is not intended to do apart from the book, it’s a starting place. For the best experience, we recommend you: 1) do the assessment; 2) read the book; and 3) share the experience with your community.

Your community might consist of your prayer partner, mentor, parent, small group or Bible study group. You can find your best prayer types together.

Welcome to a better prayer life!


Prayer of Agreement


Praying the Bible


Prayer of Confession


Fellowship Prayer


Intercessory Prayer


Listening Prayer


Petition Prayer


Prayer of Praise


Prophetic Prayer


Prayer of Thanksgiving


Praying in Tongues


Warfare Prayer

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