Clifton Strengths Workshops

As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, I help individuals and teams do what they do best by focusing on their talents using the StrengthsFinder assessment. I have helped mutiple organizations in becoming Strengths-based workplaces and have led Clifton Strengths workshops for various industries including technology, non profit, and human resources. In addition to being certified by Gallup, I’m also a Professional Certified Life Coach.

As the Vice President of Human Resources for EnergyCAP, Inc., I created an employee success program, which has yielded double-digit improvement in employee engagement and zero employee-initiated turnover in the first year. To share lessons about coaching, strengths, and engagement, I blog regularly from

Benefits of Clifton Strengths

Gallup has documented powerful results in Strengths-based organizations. Employees who focus on using their strengths:

  • Are three times as likely to report having an excellent quality of life
  • Are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs
  • Look forward to going to work
  • Have more positive than negative interactions with coworkers
  • Treat customers better
  • Tell their friends they work for a great company
  • Achieve more on a daily basis
  • Have more positive, creative, and innovative moments

What I Will Do

Prior to the workshop, I will:

  • provide a discounted StrengthsFinder code to every attendee
  • explain via email the reason for the workshop

At the workshop, I will:

  • provide materials to every attendee
  • lead engaging activities that promote discussion
  • spark insights into individual and team dynamics
  • present a relevant issue to solve by employing a strengths approach
  • promote team appreciation and bonding

After the workshop, I will:

  • send an email series with resources for further learning
  • communicate ideas to keep the conversation going

Workshop Options

  • Personal Strengths Workshop: The goal of the personal workshop is to understand your individual talents and begin pointing them toward job outcomes.
  • Team Strengths Workshop: The goal of the team workshop is to get the team started on the journey of becoming a Strengths-based team.

Conversations During the Personal Strengths Workshop

Details: Two hours long; $10 per StrengthsFinder code ($10 discount); $200 for workshop preparation, delivery, and follow-up

  • What is Strengthsfinder: The purpose of this conversation is to introduce attendees to the StrengthsFinder tool and the language of talent.
  • Loving Your Top Five Themes: Individuals who identify their talents, see them in action, and embrace growth are ready for Strengths-based performance improvements.
  • The World of 34 Talents: Understanding how all 34 themes function are key to embracing your talents, utilizing theme dynamics, and welcoming different talents in others.
  • Building a Strengths Journey: When individuals design an intentional strengths journey to turn talents into strengths and point strengths toward job outcomes, employee engagement increases.

Conversations During the Team Strengths Workshop

Details: Four hours long; $10 per StrengthsFinder code ($10 discount); $50 for materials per 15 people; $400 for workshop preparation, delivery, and follow-up

  • Start with Talent; Finish with Strength: The purpose of this conversation is to get your team started on the journey of becoming a Strengths-based team.
  • The Power of Strengths-Based Partnerships: The best partnerships happen when you and someone who has strengths that complement yours join forces and focus on a single goal. Your strengths cancel out your partner’s weaknesses and vice versa. You accomplish together what could not be done separately.
  • The DNA of the Team: The team’s ability to achieve excellence and get the most out of each team member’s natural talents depends on how well the team understands, appreciates, and starts to use this information in a meaningful way.
  • The Best of Us: Teams are most effective when they are intentional about how they use their collective talents and strengths. They understand what their talents look like, how to purposefully  use them, and how to work around or overcome areas where they may be lacking.

I would love to provide your next performance enhancing, team building event. Please contact me if I can help you.

Follow-up Strengths Coaching

Attending a Clifton Strengths workshop is a powerful first step in your strengths journey. Coaching around your strengths can take you further. I’m also available for one-time or ongoing strengths coaching to keep the journey going.